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What Is SOAR

The Basics

What is SOAR

SOAR means “fly, ascend, climb, hover, rise”. A good illustration for it is the flight of an eagle, with its open wings and search of favorable air currents, to ascend high with no big effort, and there remaining, able then to focus on meaningful objectives with an enlightened panoramic view.

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A SOAR Profile is a personal communication behavior assessment with four trait dimensions: Dominant, Extrovert, Patient, and Analytical. It is produced by a computerized tool by confronting one’s responses to a set of questions with over 21.000 behavioral simulations. It is an objective, fast, and accurate way to help people understand how they behave when communicating, their leadership styles, motivators and demotivators, levels of energy, and their adaptation to the surrounding environment. It allows many applications like the Model for Selecting & Recruiting, which supports candidates analysis as to find the best match with the position requirement.

The SOAR approach aims to produce a clear understanding about one’s personality, guiding him or her through a path of effective personal development. The SOAR study has achieved levels of 92.5% margin of accuracy when applied, in a sample of 5,000 people in the United States, Canada and Latin America. The SOAR study has been applied to more than a million people of different cultures in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The Basics

The Research Behind SOAR

Research shows that more than 80% of failures and accidents that occur during a day’s work in the United States do not happen because of people’s technical capacity, but actually, out of interpersonal conflicts. Research also demonstrates that more effective people are those who possess a full knowledge of themselves, of their strengths and weaknesses and with that, have the possibility to develop strategies that allow them to meet demands, put forth the necessities of work and reach success.

The SOAR approach analyzes people’s personality and behaviors, helping them know each other better and develop personally and professionally, in a harmonic and continuous manner.

Failures and Accidents
Interpersonal Conflicts

More than 80% of failures and accidents that occur during a day’s work in the USA happen because of interpersonal conflicts.

Uses of The Tool

The SOAR Development and Human and Communication Profile was effectively used in a variety of contexts of human relations, where life happens and value is produced. The SOAR approach can be used to help people and organizations in:

Benefits of The Tool

Some of the main benefits expected with applying the SOAR approach:

Change your Life

Get Started Now

Around the SOAR Profile report and approach, several offerings have been and continue to be developed as an expanding portfolio of instruments to support personal and organizational development. There is orientation training, support material, certification programs, academic credential, and some specialized applications, which are briefly introduced here. To join the SOAR team means to enter a new journey of discovery and growth, with many opportunities for development and professional application. It can also open doors for starting your own business practice, leveraging the SOAR Profile and adding value to your current profession.

SOAR Individual Profile Assessment

Individual Profile Assessment

Reach a greater level of interpersonal relationships and communication skills

SOAR Profile Report Analysis

Profile Report Analysis

Maximize the results of your SOAR Profile Assessment

SOAR Group Profile

Group Profile

Identify the predominant traits of a group and their communication style

Specialized Applications of SOAR

Specialized Applications

For human resources, teambuilding, sales force tuning and more

SOAR Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Release your full potential in your personal life