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Life Coaching

Your Full Potential

Better Performance in Life

With SOAR we can understand that our results are consequences of our attitudes and actions, which otherwise are a reflection of your personality and thought standard profile. Therefore, in order to improve our performance we have to start with self-knowledge, define our elevated goals, reframe our mental models and grow our capability to provide new responses.

The coaching process establishes a synergistic partnership between the certified coach and a coachee, to pave and walk the way for a successful life. It works like in the sports world, where despite the qualities of the athlete, he or she needs that objective perspective and enthusiastic support to overcome barriers and climb to the next level. Or it may be that one is looking to find balance between the demands of work and the needs of his or her family, or how to make a difference in the lives of others around by maximizing relationships. There can be many different situations, including the accomplishing of a professional breakthrough or the discovery and pursuit of your personal best, the coaching process can really help.

It usually happens through a 10 session contact, with meeting or video calls scheduled in a convenient interval and duration, of around 45 to 60 minutes each. You may contact your Practitioner to ask if he or she qualifies to do life professional coaching, or you may send a message to SOAR GI requesting one. SOAR GI will look into its database of Practitioners to seek for a certified and available to assist you within your requirements. For that, please click on the button below. Whatever way you choose to hire a life coaching, be assured you made a right decision to make your life be what you want it to be.

SOAR Life Coaching

Life Coaching, or life training, aims at releasing the full potential of an individual to reach his/ her highest performance. It implies discovering what is most important to you, and to focus on the possibilities that lay ahead, detaching from your past mistakes or limitations.

SOAR for Family and Married Life Building
Building Up

Family and Married Life

In this context, when communication is inadequate, trivial opinion differences become unnecessary conflicts causing pain and emotional instability in relationships between couples and family members . If you understand how the other feels, thinks, communicates and behaves, stressful situations that can affect a long term relationship can be avoided. The SOAR Approach helps couples and families understand their behavioral differences and facilitate communication between them to avoid conflicts and emotional wounds, contributing to a healthy and productive relationship.

Successful Results

What People Say

I am a Speaker and Master Coach and realized that my professional and personal development substantially increased when I started applying the communication profile assessment in my coachees. Using SOAR I became able to connect with more people and do more business through self-knowledge and relaxation. It is an amazing tool to know yourself!
Gustavo Sampaio, Master Coach Integral Sistêmico
Gustavo Sampaio
Master Coach Integral Sistêmico
This tool as behavioral development was a watershed in my life, through this knowledge I could understand my behavior profile, adjust it and get significant results for my professional and personal life. Since I met this tool my decisions are more assertive eliminating the emotional conflicts. The SOAR tool is synonymous of life transformation.
Henrique Martins, Coach
Henrique Martins
Knowing SOAR allowed me to have a level of excellence in relationships with my coachees, friends, clients and also with my family. Today my relationships have become more flexible in a high-level standard, maximizing the best of each of them, according to their profile.
Rubmar Spironello, Executive Coach
Rubmar Spironello
Executive Coach