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Group Profile

Solving Team Issues

Better Teamwork

The SOAR assessment can be extremely useful to leaders when applied to groups of people. We have developed a proprietary Group Profile Signature that identifies the predominant traits of a group in order to identify the communication style of the group as a whole and the natural abilities that the group may have or lack. The Profile of each one of the components of a group may contribute or hold the group’s performance. The group’s profile also has different effects on different participants. It’s not uncommon to see individuals who feel left out, misunderstood or drained by a group of people. This is normally caused by an unbalance in the composition of the group’s personality styles. Additionally, this group may be part of a larger context, where other groups coexist, so it is important to learn about this dynamic of alignment and relationship among groups.

In order to generate the SOAR Group Signature, all participants must have their own individual SOAR assessments done with a shared “key”. Then, the SOAR platform generates the SOAR Group Signature, which can then be analyzed in relation to the organization where it belongs, and compared to each individual’s Profile Report.

The SOAR Group Profile Signature can be used to support the structuring of certain functional arrangements, like sales teams, counseling teams, customer service teams, by defining desired or prevailing personal traits for improved results in each of the groups’ functions.

SOAR Group Profile

Do you know different groups within the same organization with the same resources fail while others succeed?

Do you know how to compose a group for maximum efficiency and efficacy in the different areas of your organization?

We do! You can too!

Successful Results

What People Say

I am a Speaker and Master Coach and realized that my professional and personal development substantially increased when I started applying the communication profile assessment in my coachees. Using SOAR I became able to connect with more people and do more business through self-knowledge and relaxation. It is an amazing tool to know yourself!
Gustavo Sampaio, Master Coach Integral Sistêmico
Gustavo Sampaio
Master Coach Integral Sistêmico
This tool as behavioral development was a watershed in my life, through this knowledge I could understand my behavior profile, adjust it and get significant results for my professional and personal life. Since I met this tool my decisions are more assertive eliminating the emotional conflicts. The SOAR tool is synonymous of life transformation.
Henrique Martins, Coach
Henrique Martins
Knowing SOAR allowed me to have a level of excellence in relationships with my coachees, friends, clients and also with my family. Today my relationships have become more flexible in a high-level standard, maximizing the best of each of them, according to their profile.
Rubmar Spironello, Executive Coach
Rubmar Spironello
Executive Coach