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Individual Profile Assessment

Change Your Life

Understand Your Style

A SOAR Profile Assessment is not a quiz. It’s not a test. There are no right or wrong answers – only an assessment of fundamental behavioral patterns to help you understand what motivates you, how you communicate, your social and work preferences, as well as certain aspects of your behavior that need to be “kept in check.” This understanding can truly change your life. We have seen it happen over and over again.

There are many reasons to complete the SOAR Profile Assessment besides just curiosity and self-awareness. The information contained in our 12-page report can help couples, employers, life coaches, career counselors, sales professionals, and even trial lawyers. Understanding how people process information, what their basic needs are can help just about anyone.

We’ve had universities teach all of the professors how to identify students SOAR profile; we’ve had successful sales teams learn how to identify their own sales style and how to adapt it to their clients’ SOAR profile; we’ve had restaurant managers developing their own leadership skills learn how to deal with different employees’ personality styles. 

SOAR Individual Profile Assessment

 The applications and reasons for completing your SOAR Profile Assessment are endless. 

However, SOAR is neither a psychological evaluation test nor a mental health assessment.

There are two parts to the SOAR Profile Assessment:


Primary Profile

This portion of the assessment focuses on who you are naturally, without any influences or extrinsic demands causing you to act any differently than you would if you were being 100% yourself.


Adaptative Profile

The second part deals with what is expected of you in a specific environment. It could be work, home, school, church, etc. We all tend to change our behavior, even if slightly, in order to meet the demands or expectations of these different environments. For example, some people have to be more social than they normally would like to at school. Some of us have to be more analytical or cautious at work than we normally would. The different between your primary and adaptive profiles can say a lot about how you view that environment and what kind of effect the environment may have on your stress and energy levels.

The personality profiles

Watch our videos and learn all about personality profiles, and how to enhance their communication with our tools.

Start Now

You can easily access our assessments individually or with the guidance of a certified SOAR Practitioner. If you were directed to our website by a Practitioner, you may already have an assessment assigned to you. Check before you get started. As you complete the assessment, be sure to go with your first answers and not overthink each word. If you have trouble with any of the words, you can hover over them with the mouse to get some synonyms.

Successful Results

What People Say

I am a Speaker and Master Coach and realized that my professional and personal development substantially increased when I started applying the communication profile assessment in my coachees. Using SOAR I became able to connect with more people and do more business through self-knowledge and relaxation. It is an amazing tool to know yourself!
Gustavo Sampaio, Master Coach Integral Sistêmico
Gustavo Sampaio
Master Coach Integral Sistêmico
This tool as behavioral development was a watershed in my life, through this knowledge I could understand my behavior profile, adjust it and get significant results for my professional and personal life. Since I met this tool my decisions are more assertive eliminating the emotional conflicts. The SOAR tool is synonymous of life transformation.
Henrique Martins, Coach
Henrique Martins
Knowing SOAR allowed me to have a level of excellence in relationships with my coachees, friends, clients and also with my family. Today my relationships have become more flexible in a high-level standard, maximizing the best of each of them, according to their profile.
Rubmar Spironello, Executive Coach
Rubmar Spironello
Executive Coach