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SOAR Platform 7.0

Fully Redesigned

Software Platform

The SOAR Platform 7.0 has been developed to provide a better instrument for varied users, responding to a market demand. It does not represent only a technological upgrade over the previous version, but rather a full redesign with new features and interfaces. The  modern and responsive user interface allows navigation on tablets and smartphones, and in 3 languages: English, Portuguese, or Spanish.

With this new software platform, one can identify with assertiveness personal and professional behavior, and communication styles, both of individual and group, through the easy to use SOAR Profile Report Generation.

Profile licenses can be purchased online and the SOAR Profile report worked on at any time, allowing flexibility and security to the user. For the SOAR Practitioners, it provides increased control of the operation as well as more access to several information, facilitating reach new customers and work with them.

The SOAR Platform 7.0 offers an overview of activities with Profile licenses acquired, designated, and transferred, both per selected period or cumulative, through graphics and numeric displays, within an intuitive and pleasant dashboard layout.

A SOAR Profile report generation is now more accessible, quickly and directly from the SOAR website, to any person interested on working on his/ her personal development. The SOAR Platform 7.0 is for those who are already acquainted with the instrument as well as for the new user. It is a practical and effective tool to support many types of applications, providing information and functionalities for making the most over the SOAR Profile report.

Get Professional Guidance

Use of SOAR Profile Report for assessing one’s style of communication behavior is a straightforward process based on simple instructions and the software platform. However, to explore the full benefits into varied applications, both for professional and personal development, and with individuals and groups, a SOAR certified professional can add much value by properly interpreting the Profile Report in different contexts and using that information in various aspects of their clients’ lives and organization.