• Human Resources

    Efficiency and Effectiveness are two of the main goals of management. That is, to do things better and more economically. These that the precise results that SOAR offers organizations. In the hiring process, organizations are able to use SOAR to identify ideal candidates whose natural abilities and motivating factors match the job. This increases job satisfaction and performance and reduces turn-over and hiring expenses. More importantly, organizations are able to foster environments where its members are more understanding, tolerant, they communicate better and are better able to identify the ideal person for each task or function. That is because each personality style had natural abilities that can be allocated more ideally within the various functions within an organization. Organizations all around the world benefit daily from managers and leaders that understand their teammates abilities, needs, preferences and communications styles based on the SOAR Profile.

  • TeamBuilding

    The SOAR Profile Assessment with the Group Profile feature, applied with specific training and techniques, can greatly support team work success by helping leaders explore individual contribution and styles for stronger synergy and to resolve conflicts quickly and peacefully. Different personalities and communication styles, translated into behavioral patterns, can affect positively or negatively the performance of a team, either balancing and complementing each other or raising conflicts and dominant biases. With awareness of their individual characteristics and of other components in the group, and knowing how to deal with differences in a constructive way and work together building trust and alignment, your teams can achieve significantly higher levels of performance and satisfaction.

  • Sales Force Tuning

    Each personality style communicates different and values different aspects of a product. Without knowing how your sales prospect communicates and what they value, you are missing opportunities to establish new clientele and improve current ones. Our sales training prepares sales professionals to identify their prospects personality styles and to adapt their presentations so that there is better rapport and so that the true value of your product is realized by your new client. The buying process is completely different with each style – sales professionals must understand that and we can help.

  • Coaching and Counseling Certification (FCU)

    SOAR GI has a long time partnership with Florida Christian University, by means of which those people who went through a SOAR Certification Training can get credits toward a Bachelor or Master Program in Coaching or Counseling. FCU has the SOAR approach as a knowledge platform for Human Development, so the equivalent of 6 credits can be obtained as one enroll on either of those programs. FCU was the first superior education institution to offer Coaching as a program, and it included the SOAR Profile and its application as a key part of its curriculum. Therefore, one can become a SOAR Certified Practitioner with academic recognition, backed up by a Coaching or Counseling superior degree.

  • Family and Married Life Building Up

    In this context, when communication is inadequate , trivial opinion differences become unnecessary conflicts causing pain and emotional instability in relationships between couples and family members . If you understand how the other feels, thinks, communicates and behaves, stressful situations that can affect a long term relationship can be avoided. The SOAR Approach helps couples and families understand their behavioral differences and facilitate communication between them to avoid conflicts and emotional wounds, contributing to a healthy and productive relationship.