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A SOAR Practitioner is a one who went through a formal Certification training on the SOAR approach, and so is able to give feedback over the Profile report and indicate strategies to improve communication and behavior towards personal development. Based on a deeper knowledge of the instrument foundations and applications, the Practitioner can much enhance the interpretation and benefit from the SOAR profile report, both for individuals and groups in different contexts. Some Practitioners may have also an additional certification to act on Life and/ or Professional Coaching, to help the attendee to conquer a superior level of development or to overcome specific barriers.

SOAR GI certifies Practitioners through its program and keep record of their activities on the SOAR Platform, so it can provide an indication based on their basic characteristics and customer requirements. SOAR GI does not ensure the level of proficiency or the quality of Practitioners, but it does follow up on any occurrence that may impair the ability or condition for any one of them to continue serving as such. If you would like to find a Practitioner to assist you and/ or a group you belong to, please fill the form bellow and we will forward it to the one on the list that best matches.

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