The SOAR 7.0 Plataform will be officially released in this great event. This Certification will be held in Curitiba with partnership of Febracis under direction of the Master Coach Sidnney Aquino. The speakers will be the President and C&O of the SOAR Global Institute and its Vice President and Master Trainer Stefano Portigliatti.

October 06 – 07, 2016 – onsite in Vitória-ES, Brazil

Date: October,06 – 07, 2016

Event Location: Vitória-ES (Hotel Sennac Ilha do Boi)

Time: 9am to 5pm

Cost: R$2.200,00

This certification will be held in Vitoria-ES and organized by Geronimo Theml from Profissão Coach, as Partner. The speakers will be the President and C&O of SOAR Global Institute, Dr. Anthony Portigliatti and its Vice President and Master Trainer Stefano Portigliatti .

You can enroll the event by email suporte@profissã

Please contact us for further information.

Below there is more information about SOAR Advanced Certification:

Certification content:

  • Analysis of SOAR communication profile;
  • Description and combination of personality traits;
  • Results Interpretation;
  • Communication and leadership style;
  • Business Applicability (Human Resources, Marketing, Management);
  • Energy level;
  • Coaching Module Integration;
  • Personal and professional development through self-knowledge and the enhancement of strengths.

Other advantages of this certification:

  • International Certificate from Florida Christian University;
    • Admin account customized for each participant to access the SOAR 7.0 Plataform.

Recommended for Professionals in Distinct Areas

The course is recommended for professionals in distinct areas such as: Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors, Social Workers, Human Resources Personal, Teachers/ Educators, Ministers